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New Taste Of Conference

Mokeab (Manshour, Katibeh, Asr, Bastan) is an organizer of Domestic and International Workshops, Exhibitions, Symposiums and Conferences.

Visual identity and the impact of main thoughts in business meetings through the decades created the Protocol topic.

Protocol is the result of dress-code, environment sorting and a series of manners at the beginning of the meeting until the end.

Prestige event had been created by the Planning team of Mokeab to improve and develop the knowledge of important organizations and train effective managers.

Iran was always the source of Protocol, Etiquette, Formalities and suitable dressing in international manners through the decades.

Today, in the global market, knowing the culture and etiquette of each nation is one of the basic principles of business and nonbusiness communications to succeed in negotiation and communication.

We hope by hosting and holding Prestige as an annual event we can make positive changes In order to expand domestic and international relations.


Mokeab Planning team

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Kohgiloye & Boyer Ahmad governor supported us


Municipal cooperation organization of Semnan State supported us


Sistan & Baloochestan governor supported us


Municipal cooperation organization of Eelam State supported us


Eelam governor supported us


kordestan governor supported us


Urban Affairs of Ghazvin governor supported us


technical office of Ghazvin governor supported us


Markazi governor supported us


Alborz governor supported us


Prestige event invitation started


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Mokeab, after investigating and evaluating the needs of the community starts to plan and define the appropriate projects. After obtaining the confirmation in accordance with the standards and basic definitions of the organization, began the invitation and performance of the event. Mokeab always concern the satisfaction of its participants.

Researching, planning and obtaining the standards

The referred events after investigating and perusing are planned according to Mokeab’s standards and given to the secretariat.


Secretariat’s duty is to study further information and present it to participants.


Raising the quality of the events and also enhancing the satisfaction of Audiences is always the anxiety of performing team of Mokeab. The budget of Mokeab provides by a combination of various revenue streams, including conference attendance fees, corporate sponsorship and ext. Mokeab has been supported morally by public and private organs.

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